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What is the difference between a 物理治疗师 and a 物理治疗师 assistant? 回来

A 物理治疗师 是一个 许可 health care professional who examines and evaluates a patient's condition and then plans and administers treatments to promote optimal health. Physical therapists seek to relieve pain, improve the body's movement and function, maintain cardiopulmonary function, 恢复, maintain and promote optimal physical function; and limit disabilities resulting from injury or disease.

A 物理治疗师 assistant 是一个 许可 health care professional who provides treatment according to a plan developed by and under the supervision of a 许可 物理治疗师.

What training and credentials do Burke’s 物理治疗师s and assistants have? 回来

A 物理治疗师 has completed an approved four-to-six-year college program in physical therapy, including studies in biology, basic medical sciences, and clinical experience. Studies focus on the evaluation and treatment of the heart, 肺, 肌肉, bones and the nervous system. All of Burke’s 物理治疗师s have either a master’s or a doctorate degree in physical therapy. 除了, Burke’s 物理治疗师s have passed a national written examination and met all criteria for licensure in 纽约 State. There are yearly requirements for ongoing study and continuing education, and many 物理治疗师s at Burke have achieved advanced certifications. These include: mechanical diagnos是一个nd treatment for spinal disorders (Mackenzie Method), board certification in orthopedics, certification in Kinesiotaping, certification in strength and conditioning, certification in proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and manual lymphatic drainage to name a few.

A 物理治疗师 assistant has completed an approved two-year college program that includes studies in anatomy and physiology. 除了, instruction addresses how to provide treatment under the supervision of a 物理治疗师. 纽约 物理治疗师 assistants have passed a national written examination and met all criteria for licensure in 纽约 State, including clinical experience.  Ongoing study as well as continuing education and training are also required.

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