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The goal of Burke’s 骨科康复计划 is to return you home ready to resume an active, 骨科损伤或手术后的富有成效的生活方式. 下载冰球突破摆脱的大多数病人在一到两周内就回家了. We serve adolescent through elderly patients with diagnoses such as bilateral hip and knee replacements, 复杂的单关节置换, hip resurfacing, 下肢骨折,多发伤. 

Within a safe, secure and structured environment, Burke offers intensive therapy seven days a week. 你的时间表将由你的个人需求和目标决定. 作为伯克住院治疗项目的病人,你会得到 up to 每天3个小时的治疗, 5 days per week, 一般是星期一至星期五, 周六和/或周日的额外治疗 one hour. Skilled therapy will be provided in a combination of physical therapy and occupational therapy and/or speech therapy as needed.  Rehabilitation nursing and access to a physician are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Scope of Services 

The orthopedic program provides care to all patients admitted secondary to musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting in decreased functional ability. Patients present post surgically or following traumatic injury to the musculoskeletal system and require the level of care provided by an acute rehabilitation hospital. 


  • Providing rehabilitation through an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes communication, 协作和合作
  • Lessening limitations of activities by focusing on the individual’s capabilities and utilizing compensatory strategies and devices
  • 提供高质量、以病人为中心的康复服务
  • Removing or lessening restrictions to participation in life situations to the extent possible
  • Providing counseling to the individual and family and/or caregiver on alternative possibilities for life participation when necessary
  • 准备个人, family and/or caregiver to make the transition to the next stage of the rehabilitation process

整个团队尊重每位患者的文化和宗教需求. 根据病人的时间表安排, 饮食需求和要求, and the provision of appropriate equipment are provided to enhance the patient’s experience and support full participation in the rehabilitation program. 所有工作人员每年都参加文化多样性和敏感性培训. 

所有项目的年龄范围都是16岁. However, referrals for patients younger than 16 years old will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 2020年,服务对象的年龄范围为20 - 95岁. 患者的诊断包括单侧和双侧全关节置换术, 单室膝关节置换和髋关节表面置换, 下肢骨折有或没有固定, Multiple Trauma, and Spinal Surgery.


  • 共诊治321名患者,年龄18至99岁不等
  • 对出院患者进行以下设置:
  • 81%(259)的患者在门诊或家庭护理服务后返回家中.
  • 14% (45) of the patients continued therapy at a sub-acute rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.
  • 5%(17)的患者返回急症护理医院.
  • 0%的患者进入了长期护理机构.

在骨科项目的范围内, patient evaluation and care planning are designed around traditional medical disablement models. These models assess three levels of dysfunction which stem from the patient’s admitting diagnosis (pathology). 

Impairments: Weakening, damage, 或者肌肉骨骼系统某个特定部位的功能退化, 尤指由于受伤或疾病而造成的.

Examples: 减少强度, 主动运动范围, 被动运动范围, cognition, balance, 和/或活动耐受性伴随着疼痛和/或水肿的增加. 

活动限制: The inability to perform a specific task as a consequence of the impairments mentioned above. 


参与限制: The cumulative effect of impairments and activity limitations on the ability of a person to participate in life roles. 

Examples:无法履行作为父母的职责, caregiver, 雇员或参与社交和休闲活动

Team Description

The professionals on your interdisciplinary care team will assess your medical and rehabilitation needs and work with you to establish your individual goals. 在密切合作下,团队设计并实施您的治疗方案. 医生监督整个团队的过程和结果. Throughout your treatment, the entire team meets formally once per week to discuss your progress. 

The philosophy of the Orthopedic Program is that the program’s mission can best be accomplished by providing rehabilitative care through an interdisciplinary team approach.


  • 有骨科损伤或手术的个人
  • 个人的家庭及/或照顾者
  • Physician
  • 康复护理
  • 职业治疗
  • Physical Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy
  • 社会工作/案例管理
  • Nutrition


  • 医疗咨询(足科、泌尿科、整形科、五官科、皮肤科等.)
  • Spiritual Services
  • 矫正的/人工服务
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • 实验室服务
  • 免费治疗
  • 轮椅座位/定位
  • Peer support
  • 伤口及造口护士的伤口护理

从入院到出院计划过程, 团队成员相互协作工作, the individual with orthopedic diagnoses and the family and/or caregiver(s) to ensure that the specific needs of each individual are addressed. Patient and family and/or caregiver involvement and participation is strongly encouraged throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

根据初步评估的结果, 目标是由个人和/或家庭决定的, 并实施了治疗计划. The individual’s progress is discussed formally once per week at team conference/medical rounds. 整个治疗过程中都要进行团队咨询和协作. In addition to speaking directly with members of the team regarding the patient’s medical condition, progress, 功能状态与治疗参与, 达成既定目标, family members and/or caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in treatment sessions and patient care as appropriate.


Ongoing patient and family/caregiver education is the first priority for all of Burke's programs. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to attend and participate in treatment sessions and patient care as appropriate. 每一次与治疗和社会工作的互动都应该起到教育的作用, 并可能提供额外的教育课程和材料. 为了使利益最大化, 教育将是诊断特异性的,重点是功能独立性, 坚持预防措施, 进步和幸福. 依赖于需要, 个人课程可以专门用于家庭训练, during which a therapist will train family members in the appropriate provision of care and assistance for mobility, 自我照顾或运动表现.  

将为所有患者举办专门的诊断教育课程. 将有全膝关节置换术、全髋关节置换术和骨折的分类. 这些会议将用来提供教育材料, 鼓励小组讨论和解决问题,作为支持会议. 

Admission Criteria

Every potential patient who may benefit from our care is discussed with the screening staff, physician, 和/或项目总监. 入院前对每位患者的康复潜力进行评估.  2019年,750名患者被纳入骨科项目.

通常都是由医生推荐给伯克的, social workers, 出院计划人员或病例管理人员. A reasonable medical and functional profile must be provided and appropriate sections of the medical record from the acute care process are included. 康复护士也可以在转诊机构进行详细的评估. Recommendations are then made to the appropriate member of the medical staff who renders a final decision with regard to admission.

Discharge Planning

出院计划过程始于患者第一次入院时. 社会工作者/案例经理领导规划过程, coordinating information from all members of the interdisciplinary team and acting as the primary liaison between the team and the patient and family. 基于个体的自我照顾功能状态, 行动和其他日常生活技能, 家庭/照顾者支持, medical needs, 发病前的生活状况及功能水平, 还有可用的健康保险, the team, 与病人和家属合作, 为病人提供最合适的出院方案. 应团队或家庭的要求, a meeting with the team and patient/family is scheduled to discuss available discharge options. The patient’s and family’s preferences are of primary concern and the team will make recommendations for a safe discharge when options for continued care and rehabilitation are considered. 


  • 提供家庭护理服务
  • 家庭门诊服务
  • Sub-acute康复服务
  • 长期护理服务
  • Hospice services


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位于白色平原, New York, 冰球突破's 骨科康复计划 attracts orthopedic patients from Westchester County, New York City, Long Island, 新泽西北部, and Connecticut. 伯克也欢迎来自全国和世界各地的骨科病人.







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