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How to Be Referred to Burke

As the vast majority of Burke patients are referred and transferred from acute care hospitals, we have included pertinent information for medical professionals in this section.

If you are a nurse case manager, social worker or discharge planner and would like to refer a patient to the 伯克康复 Hospital, please include the following information with your referral:

  • Hospital face sheet (with patient's name, address and phone number)
  • 历史和物理
  • Most recent lab work (CBC, Chemistry panel, etc.)
  • List of current medications (include pain and anti-coagulation medications)
  • PT/OT/语言治疗 (initial evaluation and most recent notes)
  • Weight bearing status
  • 身高/体重
  • 已知的过敏
  • Previous 3 days of chart notes
  • 心电图(如果可用)
  • 成像(CAT扫描 & MRI reports when available)
  • Notes from any consulting physicians
  • 病人的诊断
  • Potential date of transfer
  • Patient’s date of injury or onset /exacerbation of illness
  • Patient’s current functional level
  • Your contact information
  • 保险 provider information

Where to Send the Referral

You may send your referral to the Burke Screening Department by telephone, fax, or email. 

Telephone: (914) 597-2519 or (888)-99-Burke (toll free)
传真:(914)597 - 2888


From time to time, patients are admitted to Burke from home.

If you are a patient or family member who would like to refer a patient to Burke from home, 请下载 家推荐的形式 and have you or the patient's physician complete it. 

We ask that the physician completes a full physical exam within two weeks of referring the patient to Burke to insure that the patient is medically stable and able to participate in an intensive acute rehabilitation program.

下载冰球突破摆脱还要求 Home Referral 保险 Form be completed with the patient's information.

Where to Send the Referral

You may send the completed referral form, insurance form and any other pertinent information to Burke's Screening Department by telephone, 传真或电子邮件. 

Telephone: (914) 597-2519 or (888)-99-Burke (toll free)
传真:(914)597 - 2888

For additional information about home referrals, please contact the Screening Department at (914) 597-2519 and one of our dedicated registered nurses will assist you with the process.

New Patient Visitation Policy Visiting hours 2:00 p.m. 7点p.m. 每天. One visitor at a time. 每日两名访客.

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