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Recovering from Covid-19?

Burke is here to help with all your rehabilitation needs

Covid-19 takes a toll on your body and rehabilitation is a critical part of a successful recovery process. Whether you were hospitalized or rode out the virus at home, what you may not realize is that this novel coronavirus, combined with being bedridden for an extended period, can cause a wide range of significant after-effects that can interfere with your return to 每天 living.

The lingering effects vary from person to person and can be physical, 认知, psychological or some combination of all three. They include everything from confusion, 抑郁症, cardiopulmonary decline and de-conditioning, 肌肉无力, 神经损伤, 广义疲劳, the impact of social isolation, and having difficulty returning to simple 每天 activities. And that’s where the experts at Burke come in.

Burke's unique interdisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation has been helping patients regain strength, independence and health for more than a century. With the arrival of Covid-19 Burke has been able to use their specialized expertise, innovative protocols and deep experience in rehabilitation 护理 to help those recovering from the coronavirus overcome any of these potentially debilitating after-effects. Burke offers both inpatient rehabilitation upon direct transfer from an acute 护理 hospital, and outpatient rehabilitation 护理 across the region for those recuperating at home.

If you are recovering from Covid-19 Burke's team of rehabilitation experts - specially trained physicians, 物理治疗师, occupational therapists and others - are here to help every step of the way.

To learn about Covid-19 inpatient rehabilitation 护理, please call (914) 597-2519.

To learn about Covid-19 outpatient therapy rehabilitation 护理, please call (914) 597-2262.

To learn about Covid-19 outpatient physician rehabilitation 护理, please call (914) 597-2332.

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